Salem Man Called A Hero After Saving A Choking Boy! - Hank

Devin Teriault says he isn't a hero and was just acting like a dad after saving the life of a 12-year-old Danvers boy. Teriault, a plumber who works for the Cranney Companies, was driving down Maple Street in Danvers when he saw another boy waving his hands to get his attention. As it turned out, his friend was choking on a piece of cake. Teriault jumped into action and started giving the boy the Heimlick maneuver. After multiple tries the cake was dislodged and the  boy was able to breath again. Teriault, a father himself, said he just went into "Dad mode".

Channel 4 reported that after his heroics yesterday, he witnessed a car accident and subsequent fire. Teriault jumped out of his car with his fire extinguisher and then pulled the driver to safety.

What a HERO! What a Day!

We spoke with Devin this morning!

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Danvers Dad Saves Boy Choking On Side Of The Road

A man driving to work pulled over and saved a 12-year-old boy choking on the side of the road. WBZ-TV's Paula Ebben reports.

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