I really used to despise winter. And I had every intention of moving anyplace warmer when I got “older”. Then I learned to ski. And took up snowshoeing. And got grownup ice skates. In essence, I rediscovered what it was like to be a little kid and play in the snow.

I also learned if you dress properly, it’s not so bad.

Oh, it’s still a nuisance but I’ve made my peace with it…for the most part.

So I was out on the trail last Sunday and took a few pictures.

What a beautiful day.

For me, snowshoeing’s an awesome way to make the best of these cold, snowy days; and ya know, you really work up a sweat when you’re out there!

What a tiny little head.

I love being outdoors in the woods. I got to make fresh tracks!

Hey! There’s still leaves on these trees!

Marshmallow? Whipped cream? Looks like both to me.

Look at the blue sky contrasting the white snow. So pretty. (I think this is a swamp in the summer!)

Goofy hat. But warm. And I have headphones on underneath (they keep my ears warm AND I can blast music…win-win! Though sometimes I just like to hear the sound of the snow crunching.)