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City living is pretty simple. You just follow the “Golden Rule”, which is this: “You never park in a spot shoveled out by another human being!”

Right off the top I will acknowledge that I live on a public street and I don’t have any ownership of the parking spot in front of my house. My wife, Pam, always points that out when my blood starts to boil, after someone parks in the spot I spent shoveling 18 inches of wet, heavy snow.

It’s. Just. Not. Right.

It really isn’t an issue that often in my neighborhood. I have great neighbors. Joe and PJ Brown. Kim and Bob Leonard. Nathan and Kerry Wood. We’re friends, look out for each other and respect one another.

We have five cars and a two car driveway. Currently, we park in one spot and have a dumpster in the other. The others we park on the street in front of the house. When it snows, if you shovel the spot,  it’s yours. Simple. It works. Ask anyone in Medford, Somerville, Southie or Charlestown. We never have a need to leave an orange cone, a folding chair or an old air conditioner!

So, I shoveled three spots the other day and yesterday went out to clear the other two. I noticed a strange car in one of the spots where my daughter, Abbey, parks her car. She has a three-month-old son… grandson, “The Harv”! It’s slippery, she has him in the baby car seat and always has a diaper bag. I was fuming when I saw the car. A lot of thoughts went through my head, but I decided on a snarky note. “Nice parking spot, isn’t it? I didn’t shovel it for you!” I left it on the windshield. When I got up this morning the car was still there. It’s got a city of Somerville parking sticker on it, which is more infuriating. Why? The person knows what the unwritten rules of city parking are after a snow storm!

It’s simple: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matt. 7:12).

Remember what are pal Tony V did in Charlestown?

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You DON’T want this to happen!

Boston Resident Gets Revenge When Driver Steals Shoveled Parking Spot

During a snow storm, clearing a parking spot takes quite a bit of effort. One Boston, Massachusetts resident decided to get some revenge after his spot was stolen and he used Craigslist to share his story. During a snow storm, clearing a parking spot takes quite a bit of effort.