SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 13: Bathurst 1000 winner Chaz Mostert of the Pepsi Max Crew Ford drives a dodgem car at Luna Park on October 13, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

You know when you’re a kid and something terrifying happens to you and you carry it with you for the rest of your life?


Well, aren’t you special.

For the rest of us, there’s usually something that happens to you and YOU CAN NEVER GET OVER IT. (I saw “Jaws” when I was 8. Now I don’t like swimming in the ocean. Some things cannot be unseen.)

So this happened on “The Bachelorette” last night:

The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Group Date "Demolition Derby" (Sneak Peek)

The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Group Date "Demolition Derby" (Sneak Peek)

A LOT of people are making fun of this girl. Now, I’m ALL for making fun of someone for going on “The Bachelor” because it’s demoralizing and it’s flu season and don’t these people know how GERMS ARE SPREAD?

But I’m with Annaliese. It’s not your run-of-the-mill trauma story, but being scared of something shouldn’t be shamed.

Also? Bumper cars are the bully of all amusement rides.

I’ll never forget 7th grade and this one kid who was gunning for me like a MADMAN. It was like a scene out of Duel, except with carnival music and colorful lights.

Bumper cars even turned Veda from “My Girl” into a MONSTER

my girl (1991)- bumper cars SCENE! - YouTube

ANNA CHLUMSKI in my girl (1991)- bumper cars SCENE!! Clip

Not to mention JOHN RITTER: