2nd April 1957: 17 year old Stephanie Farran of North Wembley does some housework with the help of the family pet 'Jacko' the monkey. (Photo by Fred Morley/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

And I’d like to add a shovel to this assortment of activities!

Saw this on social media and it made laugh! Because, well, you know: kids today!


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And speaking of the “smart phone”, ran across this today. Food for thought.

Kids Don't Need a Cellphone-They Need a Digital Diet

When you take away phones and tablets, you have to give your kids other things-more time outside, more low-tech toys or more time with you. According to a recent survey by the toy company Melissa & Doug, 70% of parents want their children to spend less time watching electronic media and 62% want them to spend less time on electronic devices.