Kids have only been back in school for a couple of days after the holiday break (We used to call it Christmas vacation). NOW, we have a snowstorm on the way tomorrow that is expected to drop anywhere from 8-15 inches of snow in greater Boston.

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Did you run out of things to keep your kids busy during school vacation? It was a FRIGID week and the extreme cold will return after the storm. WHAT TO DO?

Build a fort:

Take all the cardboard boxes from Christmas and put them around your kitchen or dining room table. Kids will play for hours. Don’t have cardboard? Take a big blanket or sheet and drape it over the table. Give them a flashlight and some coloring books. They’ll love the privacy!

Finger Paint:

Go buy some latex finger paint that washes off. Let your kids paint a wall, then you can wash it right off!


Slice and bake cookies. A stove, a cookie sheet and some dough. Simple!

Maple Syrup Snow Taffy: My mother did this with us all the time when we were kids. She called it a “Sugaring In”.

Here are some more:

Snow Day Survival Guide! Things to do when your bored!

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