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You say Gangster, I say Gangsta, Let's Just Shut Jeopardy! OFF! -LBF

Well THIS happened on Jeopardy! last night and I am just like WHAT?

Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi on Twitter

Let Nick's mistake be a lesson to us all. In 2018, you gotta keep it gangsta at all times. Never Gangster #Jeopardy

I say it's the SAME THING ALEX. Of course, those pesky, weirdo Jeopardy judges do not agree.

According to the New York Times, they are MONSTERS:

"There is a history of “Jeopardy!” judges being sticklers for pronunciation. In 2015, Rob Russell’s game unraveled on a $2,000 Daily Double because he pronounced “foliage” as “foilage,” a common regionalism that was once mocked on “The Simpsons.” In February 2016, Bill Murphy was originally given credit for naming France’s second-busiest seaport as Le Havre, but it was overturned because he pronounced it in a way that rhymes with the former Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre.

In October 2017, Austin Rogers got an $800 question wrong because he pronounced “sherbet” as “sherbert.”

Maybe I'm just sensitive. I mispronounce things ALL. THE. TIME.

View from the Top, Assess the Window

Clip from View from the Top movie

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