But, you know all those stories you heard when you were a kid about cold weather? A lot of them AREN’T TRUE!

  1. The COLD doesn’t make you sick. Germs, viruses and bacteria make you sick.
  2. Drinking ALCOHOL doesn’t warm your body temperature. It actually makes it go down.
  3. You DO need sunscreen in the winter. Ask skiiers. The suns harmful rays can still give you a sunburn, especially if you are getting reflection from snow.
  4. WORKING OUT is not dangerous to your health. The cold weather actually increases your metabolism because your body is working harder to keep it warm. The endorphins released can even help with Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  5. You DO NOT lose most of your heat through your head. You only lose about 10 percent. But still, BUNDLE UP! Exposed skin does let heat escape. So when any parts of your body are exposed, your body will cool off.


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