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LONDON - APRIL 30: Peter Jones poses with models from the 1980's spoof horror hit "Gremlins" at a the filming of a BT advertising campaign on April 30, 2008 in London, England. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Gremlins Recall is a fan made film created by Ryan Patrick is free on YouTube, and it’s the 10-minute video you never knew you were missing from your life. Filmed in just three days, Gremlin Recall is a modern day recreation of a cult classic that will make you want to rewatch all of the original films.

In the new film, the cute Mogwai are severely medicated do not turn into the horrible, evil critters. But, just like in Joe Dante’s original film, someone messes up and feeds the adorable fuzz balls anyway. Once the Mogwai transform, chaos predictably ensues.


The filmmaker noted in a press release, “Making a Gremlins film is an idea that’s been on my mind for over a year. It’s one of those films you want to see a good sequel to – but Hollywood just hasn’t does it yet. Everyone on this crew is a Gremlins super fan. We just wanted to take people back to that world, and show some cool Gremlin kills along the way.”

Yes, spoiler alert, there is some bloody action in this short video!

Because when it comes to love, who can't love a #Mogwai Every Christmas, I get into Gremlins mode haha, so as a big fan, finding this amazing release yesterday, really made my day! It's just so bloody brilliant! #GremlinsRecall is an incredible wonderful unofficial fan made #Gremlins short film that stays faithful to the originals. It's spot on and you can tell alot of work, heart and love went into it. All those involved should be very proud of themselves and this film deserves to go viral! Warner Bros should really get this crew to work on the next installment! It's so good that it already feels official, so why not? I really like that they reference the mistakes of the past in Kingston Falls and that they try to correct the problems so that mogwais can become common pets. The film is serious, but also has some great comedic timing like it's predecessors. It has great practical special effects and great puppets. The production value/quality is amazing. Everything is just perfect really. The cinematography, acting, writing, soundtrack... best fan film I ever seen made. Any fan of the originals will really appreciate this cute homage to the classics. So be sure to check it out on YouTube https://t.co/DkzqHH9Afm or Vimeo https://t.co/8Sp41GuJ6m. It's so worth the 11 minutes of your time. Also be sure to check out the wonderful soundtrack that besides Gremlins also gives off some #StrangerThings vibes https://t.co/EpStLOEJPS xD Mogwai? I'm getting one, sign me up today! #happyholidays @ryanpatrickus #dontgetthemwet #dontfeedthemaftermidnight #gizmo #spielberg #joedante #trink #fanfilm #shortfilm #cinematography #puppets #movie #movies #horror #80shorror #horrorfan #classictv #christmas #christmasmovies

5 Likes, 6 Comments - Tommy C~♥????????????????????⚾ (@1nfinitecharms) on Instagram: "Because when it comes to love, who can't love a #Mogwai Every Christmas, I get into Gremlins mode..."


Ryan Patrick really harnessed the timeless classic we all love, further proving that it would be impossible to raise a Mogwai in real life!


Sarah is a Hufflepuff living in NYC. When she is not traveling or talking to random animals, she is working as a script writer. Tweet her at @lumpyspacederp 

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