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Coach Belechik bans Tom's Personal Trainer-Jaybeau

What is reading to be more of a Friends episode and not professional sports,  reportedly, Bill Belichick has banned Tom Brady's personal trainer from Patriots  team activities like flying with the team.

The coach also revoked the trainers access during games, home and away. That's stunning seeing that the trainer has an OFFICE on Pats property near the locker room.

Insiders say that Alex Guerrero's methods seem to be clashing with official Patriots team trainers who have become uncomfortable with Guerrero offering training advice to other players. Stay tuned. Below, are some of the most famous lifetime bans ever. Some of these may be familiar.

Here Are Some Of The Best Lifetime Bans Ever

Nobody is going to miss creepy, walking douche-chill Donald Sterling. After he was handed a lifetime ban from the NBA yesterday, it is presumed that we've seen and heard (thankfully) the last of the 80 year old real estate mogul. But it made us think of all the other lifetime bans.