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I've been asked, as I'm sure you have, "what's your favorite restaurant?". I think this might be it!

I recently went to a “ladies luncheon” at one of the most magical, relaxing places I’ve ever been. It was my second time there. My friend Sarah has been going for years. She’s the one who organizes this annual mealtime pilgrimage (thank you for inviting me Sarah!!).

Here are a few pictures from our little adventure!


On our way to the restaurant we stopped at a local antique store. These “painted ponies” reminded me of that Joni Mitchell song.

I….picked up a few albums in that antique store…..because I don’t have enough albums (GUFFAW!). As it turns out, I already had one of the Moody Blues albums! DOH!

Here’s the whole gang of us getting ready to go in and get seated! You need reservations well in advance.

Welcome to grandma’s house aka: Picketty Place! This place is far, far away, deep in the forest (of NH)! It is NOT easy to get to…unless you have GPS. Then, it’s easy!

A REAL Christmas tree! With cranberries strung on a string and pine cones as ornaments! This is outside the restaurant.

Look at this cool bird house outside the restaurant. You can do some shopping in their unique gift shop too.

This is the Christmas tree inside the restaurant. Doesn’t it look warm and cozy?

Also inside the eatery, Grandma’s bed from “Little Red Riding Hood”!

There’s so many fun things to see and they change it with the seasons.

This is how the water for the table is “presented”. Ain’t it “purty”!!!

Warm pretzel rolls and herb butter. If you want to try them, get there before the end of this month because the menu changes every month.

Iced lavender lemonade. Not too sweet, not too tart. Just right! Ummmmm!!!!

I give you (drum roll please) THE DESSERT.
I would have shown you the main course but…I ate it.

Their last “seating” is at 3pm so by the time we got out it was dark and spooky and we were all watching for the big bad wolf! 🙂