Thanksgiving 2017 is in the books, although we still have a little bit of pecan pie left! 🙂

We had a blast at our house! We had 18 people in our little house. We ran around like crazy people, argued, fought and then had everyone over for a delicious turkey dinner. Sometimes it’s the dysfunction that adds to the memories! LOL

If you see my wife, Pam, don’t tell her I mentioned any of that in this post. She gets annoyed with me for “oversharing”! HeHeHe

My sister-in-law did refer to our wine glasses as “El Cheapo” and set the table for 18 people with 16 place settings, but that’s OK. We added two more plates and we were good to go! We love her and she’s the best. She can also take endless ribbing, because that’s what I gave her. She’ll be getting some “El Cheapo” wine glasses from me for Christmas!! That’s what makes memories.

The best part was that we were all together AND we got to celebrate with our new grandson, Harvey. He is a GIFT to give thanks for!!!! My childhood friend Steve McCormick joined us and our family loves him like one of our own. He and my parents had a great time reminiscing!!

We also had a beautiful centerpiece!! My seven-year-old niece, Sophie, made a special turkey at school and it was right in the middle of the table for everyone to enjoy!

My daughters did some “Black Friday Shopping”, we got our Christmas tree on Saturday (earliest ever) and I kept working on my dining room painting project!

Hope you and yours enjoyed Thanksgiving and the weekend.