I might be alone here, but see this?

This is my personal nightmare.

I know. I KNOW. People love these signs. They’re hopeful and sweet and inspiring.

But to me? They are pushy, judge-y and BOSSY.

When I see them – and hot DAMN I see them everywhere – friend’s bathrooms, boutiques, dentist offices, FUNERAL HOMES – I want to scream:


I will NOT dance like no one is watching.

You can’t MAKE ME live, laugh and love.

I don’t have as many hours in the day as Beyonce. AND YOU DON’T EITHER. I DO NOT CARE WHAT THAT CLOCK SAYS.

And I refuse to look through the rain to see the rainbow. And if I do, it’s not because some painted wood pallet told me to. It’s because I’m outside after a summer rainstorm and I happened to look up.

Is this wrong? It might be wrong. There’s a possibility I might be a terrible, cynical person.

But at least I’m open about it. Whenever a member of my family has one of these signs on the wall, I point and say “Don’t tell me what to do.”

So when I came home today, I found this from my mother, who went to paint night last night. Instead of painting the assignment – I think it was something sweet like “Be thankful” – she went with this:

At least my family understands me!