House Of Cards

In our kooky world, sometimes we need a dose of stupid. (I’m on 2 pm to 7 pm weekdays, by the way.) This, I could not resist sharing.

Because of the controversy with actor Kevin Spacey, a petition has been started to replace Spacey on the Netflix hit show House Of Cards with the King of Queens star Kevin James to play the Spacey character Frank Underwood. 

Hey, it’s not THAT ridiculous. In Queens, you do hear Frank’s initials, ALOT.

Thousands want Kevin James to replace Kevin Spacey on 'House of Cards'

The "King of Queens" would soon be coming to "House of Cards" - if television fans got their way. A petition to replace Kevin Spacey with actor Kevin James on the hit Netflix show has popped up on and garnered more than 19,000 signatures in just a few days.