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My take (Julie Devereaux):

  1. Couldn’t care less what anyone else is doing on their phone on their time.
  2. Been there. Done that. (Stephen Stills, south shore club show back in the day, he was late, one too many ‘hairy scary motherf*ckers’ later….but to be fair, Stills was pretty wasted too if I remember correctly.)
  3.  Totally agree. I paid for my seat/space. I like to dance. I’m not hearing you.
  4. I would never tell anyone else what to do in their space.
  5. Doesn’t bother me. I’ll just bop & weave.
  6. Done that too so I get it. 

Rock n Roll baby.

Julie Devereaux


Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde made headlines in recent days after exiting the stage at a show in Dubai after one song due to the crowd not honoring the band’s “No Cell Phones” policy during the show.

Many artists in recent years have requested fans to put their phones away so they can take in the full show, but at pretty much every concert, there’s always at least one person who is constantly filming the show on their phone.

This got us thinking about other annoying concert behaviors that we wish would stop.  Without further ado, buckle up for this bitch-fest as we take a look at six of the most annoying concert behaviors that need to stop.


Filming the entire show on your phone

Look…we understand snapping a photo here or there or taking a small video to post to social media, BUT THE WHOLE SHOW?!  Just stop!

For real, you’re just killing your battery, and it’s not like you’ll rewatch the entire show again. (Photo by Dmitry Galaganov/Shutterstock)


When people pre-game WAY too hard

Tailgating before the concert?  That’s great, but remember that drinking before a show is a marathon, not a sprint.  No one wants to look after your drunk ass anyway.

We bet this guy totally lost his hat by the end of the night, too. (Photo by Viacheslav Nikolaenko/Shutterstock)

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