John F. Kennedy (Lead Singer): C’mon…those good looks? Of course JFK would be the frontman!

I wonder if our country would be different if President John F. Kennedy served two terms instead of 1036 days. Such a short time, yet look at the impact he made.

If you haven’t been to the JFK Library, right here in Boston, it’s a wonderful trip back in time. It’s really cool to see the mock oval office they feature.

If we do see something in the files release, I do hope and pray the information could help protect our leaders further.

JFK's Secret Service Agent Clint Hill Talks Oswald, Marilyn Monroe

JFK's Secret Service Agent Clint Hill Oswald Acted Alone ... Prez Didn't Bang Marilyn Monroe The Secret Service agent who jumped up on President Kennedy's Lincoln Continental to protect Jackie Kennedy doesn't think the soon-to-be-released secret assassination documents will amount to a hill of beans ...