OK, so we are already at episode FIVE in the sophomore slump of a season of This Is Us and you know what?


After an emotional first season with top-notch performances and legit surprises that actually had meaning and weren’t ripped out of the scripts of “The Young and the Restless“, we have now arrived in Cliche Land. And I want to go home.

*Spoilers ahead*

Kate is preggers, but she’s such a Debbie Downer –  “Bad things just seem to happen to me”, she says – she won’t let Toby be excited because, well, he’ll jinx it.


This girl should not EVER plan weddings, showers or birthdays.

Just funerals.

Yup. That’s Kate.

I get it. She has baggage. BUT COME ON. She actually tells Toby not to HOPE.

And Toby. Oh Toby. He was previously charming but now his overt effervescence feels, well, gassy. Less is more, Tobias. Less is more.

And whose happy song is by HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH?

(Also, “Can I talk to you in your office?” mostly always means: “Can I talk to you in your office?” Jeez.)

But that’s the problem with season 2 of This Is Us. Its characters are becoming caricatures. Add overly melodramatic and that equals: TRULY hard to like.

Kevin is suddenly a sweaty drug addict with a bad knee who just got his ex back and now he’s pushing her away.

Randall’s relationship with his estranged biological father was at least well-paced and truthful last year. This year, Randall’s storyline is about him saving yet another lost soul. This time it’s Deja, a 12 year old foster kid.

And you know what else is annoying about Randall? Every time Deja is taking in something new – a  home, a school, a fancy party – Randall ALWAYS STARTS TALKING ABOUT HIS EXPERIENCES and how it all relates to him.

Why are the writers making Randall into an overzealous narcissist? HE USED TO BE NICE.

And we suddenly found out tonight that Jack has a brother. Who may be dead. Or not.

And next week we do even MORE time jumping.

Oh boy. Season 2. Like Kate, I’m NOT hopeful.

So far, This is… getting RIDICULOUS.

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