Move over Tom Brady, Greg Brady is the GOAT - LBF


Barry Williams, AKA Greg Brady, stopped by the studio today and I was SPEECHLESS, STARSTRUCK and SEMI-STALKER-Y.

And I don't care.

Because, PEOPLE, Greg Brady. I grew up watching every episode of The Brady Bunch. If you told my 10 year old self that my 45 year old self was going to sit next to JOHNNY BRAVO, my 10 year old self would have called you a DIRTY LIAR and called the cops.

He's at Gillette tomorrow for The Best Years Expo, where he'll meet fans and sign autographs.

But we had him ALL TO OURSELVES today. And he told some great stories, like his date with Florence Henderson and how he was STONED in this episode. For REAL.

Greg Brady Stoned

Actor Barry Williams (Greg Brady) was actually stoned during the filming of this scene! He writes about it in Chapter 17 of his book, "Growing Up Brady."



Loren & Wally

Barry Williams from The Brady Bunch is in studio! You can find the Brady Bunch on Me-TV Boston and find Barry at the Best Years Expo at Gillette Saturday! Me-TV #WROR (No sound when we are playing...