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We Have Some Good News For All You Netflix Fans

Last week we reported some not-so-great news about a slight price increase for Netflix subscribers, but alas we are back with some good news.

If you're a fan of original content (who isn't,) than Netflix is sure to wow you in 2018!

Whether you're a Marvel Series fanatic, or you can't get enough of Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black, Narcos, or more, you have even more to look forward to. Trust us!

That's because Netflix will be producing even more original content next year.

According to Variety, the streaming service has big plans to release 80 or so original films in 2018.

Well, it sounds like Netflix must be doing pretty well for themselves -- especially considering movies generally cost more to produce when compared to shows.

But hey, a few extra dollars a month doesn't sound so bad now, does it? For what it's worth, the price increase is supposedly not related to Netflix's plan to deliver original films.

In case you're wondering, Netflix will invest about $8 billion dollars next year in original content -- a combined total -- both movies and Netflix series.

With the new movies slated to arrive in Netflixville in 2018, you could actually save money! Think about it, new, original films on Netflix might make you venture out to the movie theater less.

Win, win!

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