Papa and Grammie Pammie

Yup! I’m one of those! I have shown pictures of my beautiful new grandson, Harvey Conrad Glassett-Morse, to everyone I’ve come across. Even strangers! That’s what you’re supposed to do, right? My grandmother had “Grandma’s brag book”, featuring pictures of me when I was born. Man, I was ugly. BUT, Pam and I have a BEAUTIFUL grandson. My daughter Abbey and her boyfriend Ryan did a marvelous job producing their first child and bringing enormous joy to not only Pam, Charlotte and I, but to the Glassett family and our extended family.

I spent part of yesterday to trying to figure out how much money we could save for him by the time he’s 22. Good thing I finally cleaned out my storage unit. LOL!!! I can save that money for Harvey, now! 🙂