A Not So Fun Day Off - With a Happy Ending! - LBF

So, what did I do on my day off yesterday?

No beach. No spa.

Instead, we took Lucy to Boston Children's Hospital to get two impacted teeth pulled, which sounds simple, except these were impacted in the roof of her mouth and they were pressing on the roots of her front teeth.

They had to come out. Of course I fought this, then put it off. But she was going to lose her front teeth permanently if we did nothing.

And as I said to Lucy "Girls without teeth don't get asked to the prom. Unless they live in Maine."


Anyway. I was a nervous wreck because the procedure involved general anesthesia and pretty gnarly incisions. Also, when the anesthesiologists explain the risks involved, it makes me want to mainline vodka tonics.

(In fact, they should offer that at Children's as a courtesy. The coffee is NOT great.)

Also, Lucy had open heart surgery at two months old and there were scary complications - they nicked her aorta while closing up one of the three holes in her heart. It was very serious, very unexpected and led to another surgery two months later.

So now when I hear "routine" surgery I know things can go wrong very easily. Also, I'm a fatalist.

This combination in a waiting room while you're waiting for your kid to come out of surgery is NOT A GOOD COMBO. Ask Dave.

I was a mess.

But thanks to Dr. Padwa and her great team (Amy, Danielle, Matthew, Shelia, Kathy, Jen and Alicia) all turned out well.

We're now at home recovering with lots of movies and ICE CREAM!

This is before. Lucy was a fearless, funny kid who charmed the staff and was bent on making her nervous parents laugh.


Chocolate is her favorite!