Like you, I’m numb from this past week. It’s Friday. This past Monday seems like two months ago, to me.

While we remember the families of the victims in that senseless tragedy in Vegas, and the fans and friends and family of Tom Petty, this is a week, we’d like to forget.

On Monday just as I was getting my arms around how I was going to prepare to go on the air here after what happened in Vegas, the Petty news broke.

All of us here were already, like you, devastated with the Vegas news. Now, add to that the news about the potential death of rock icon and ROR artist Tom Petty.

It was numbing.

My job here on WROR is to create a feel good, fun and compelling radio environment, playing great songs you can sing along to, and give you fun, and entertaining  companionship while you work and for your ride home.

When Vegas happened on Monday, all of that went out the window. The normal show stops. Nothing is funny, light, smart-ass or normal.  Every time I was ready to crack the mic, I felt JUST like you; speechless. While I have been doing this since I was sixteen, all of the experience in the world does not replace the confusion, pain or sadness. Experience is only a muscle to rely on for strength to be there for the audience that expects the companionship it’s used to having every day, but now needing it, more than ever.

All I could do Monday is unplug the microphone from my, the “entertainment, feel good, smart ass” mind that you hear each day and plug it into my heart.

Because on Monday, it was a day to feel, not to think.

It is my hope, that you felt it and I didn’t blow it.

From the bottom of my heart, I pray for strength for the families of the victims in Vegas. I also pray for all of the fans, friends and family of the great Tom Petty.

I’m grateful that I’m here with you, each and every day.