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No Seinfeld Reunion, But WAIT-Jaybeau

This week the net went nuts over the rumor of NBC confirming a Seinfeld reunion. Well it turned out to be fake. The fakery could be part of the hype of the return of Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm Season Nine, Sunday night on HBO. 

This a big return, because season eight ended six years ago in 2011! ALOT has changed since then. What's in store for the unpredictable Larry David?

If you're not familiar with Curb, imagine, Seinfeld, but with REALLY real life scenarios. Imagine all the day-to-day uncomfortable interactions we have at work, on the street and in our relationships. Then imagine the misunderstandings that may come from those interactions. Add to that, while we may not say exactly what's on our mind, Larry David, SAYS IT. That's Curb.

What's also cool about the show, is that Larry David, plays himself: the millionaire creator of Seinfeld. It's like a reality show with stars like Ted Danson, comic Richard Lewis and other surprise actors that play themselves. For example, in the season eight finale, Michael J. Fox plays himself with his fight for Parkinson's awareness front and center.

If you're a fan of Seinfeld, you make like Curb. 

If you need a Seinfeld reunion, here you. Season 7 of Curb did it.

"Seinfeld Reunion Show (2009)"

The Seinfeld reunion show centered on George Costanza, who married a woman named Amanda and made a fortune by devising an iPhone application called the iToilet, which directed the user to the nearest decent public toilet anywhere in the world (in "The Busboy", an actual Seinfeld episode, George brags about being able to find "the best public toilet [...]