Do You Have A "GO BAG" In Case Of Emergency? - Hank

The weather in the western hemisphere has been rearing its ugly head in the last three weeks. We've had Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma battering Texas, Florida and The Carribean, Hurricane Jose devastated Puerto Rico  several earthquakes have hit Mexico.

We're luck in New England to get hit with a few snow storms a year and maybe five or six 90 plus degree days a year.

BUT, you never know when Mother Nature will strike quickly. It would be a good idea to prepare a "GO BAG" for you and your family, in case you need to.....well...... GO!


18 Essentials You Must Keep In An Emergency Backpack

Fill yours with supplies that will help you survive for at least three days, and keep it by the door for easy access. Here's a list of essentials you should definitely include, as recommended by this Mexican nonprofit rescue brigade: This post was translated from Spanish.

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