I think they’ve always been in style, but apparently CROCS had gone the way of designer jeans. They were just a fad. BUT, they are making a come back, so I will be stylin’ once again! I LOVE to wear them with new socks when I fly. They’re comfy, slide easily on and off getting through security and you can wash them. You don’t have to worry about having stinky feet. That means you can take them off during your flight. You can sit back and relax!!

They're back! Christopher Kane is giving Crocs a very shiny new makeover - Independent.ie

The British designer's collaboration with the unlikely footwear brand first made headlines last year, and during his Spring/Summer '18 showcase on Monday at London Fashion Week, he said he won't be ending his affiliation anytime soon - least of all because of the extra attention his clothing gets after pairing it with the shoes, previously dubbed "the world's ugliest".

Mario Batali - Photos - Stars wearing Crocs

While he's got good taste in the kitchen, American chef Mario Batali clearly doesn't have any when it comes to fashion, donning unsightly orange Crocs to "Good Morning America."

The rise and fall and rise and fall of Crocs

Yesterday, reports surfaced that Crocs - the maker of those iconically clunky but featherweight clogs - is thinking about going private. While the company isn't in terrible shape, it's consistently missed revenue projections, sending its stock into a downward slide that seems to have no end.