Concussions and their long term repercussions have made their way into everyday sports discussion as diagnosis gets better. Many NFL players who’ve passed away have previously agreed to donate their brains to science. A high number have suffered from CTE, a deadly brain disease thought to be caused by repeated blows to the head.

Now, Boston University has come out with a new study suggesting kids under 12 shouldn’t play tackle football,

New Boston University study links youth football to significant health risks later in life

A new study from Boston University's Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center has found that participation in youth football by athletes under the age of 12 can have deleterious health effects later in life, providing the most direct link to date that playing football at a young age can have a significant impact on an athlete's life.

Stats on Concussions & Sports - Head Case - Complete Concussion Managements

Head impacts and concussions caused by contact sports are a quickly growing epidemic among young athletes. When left undetected, concussions can result in long-term brain damage and may even prove fatal. To preserve the young athlete's head health, mental cognition and ability to succeed, it is critical that coaches, players and parents are aware of the inherent dangers and how to properly perform a concussion evaluation.

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