Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have devastated parts of Texas, Florida and the Carribean. In Houston, Kingwood High School’s athletic fields and sports equipment were destroyed by flooding. The school itself is shut down and the students have to attend other schools.

SO…the Medford Mustangs are trying to help the Kingwood Mustangs and their athletic department by donating sports equipment! The brainchild of Medford High Head baseball coach Mike Nestor and Medford High School Athletic Director Bob Maloney, the Mighty Mustangs are asking people to donate gently used equipment (they’ll take new equipment, too! :):) ) to help their fellow Mustangs get back on their feet and fields in Houston. As a proud Medford High graduate, I am so proud of Mike, Bob and the entire Medford school system for their charitable efforts!

Here is how you can help!



Mayor Burke & MHS Athletics Assist Fellow Mustangs Of Kingwood High In Houston!

STEP FORWARD TO HELP THE KINGWOOD HIGH SCHOOL MUSTANGS OF HOUSTON, TEXAS! Flooding from Hurricane Harvey has destroyed Kingwood High School in Houston, including their athletic fields and sports equipment. As the City of the Medford Mustangs - we want to help our fellow Mustangs rebuild their athletic program, giving their youth an opportunity to reconnect with their community and one another.