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Listen: I Talked With David Crosby! - Julie

Just a heads up: I didn't ask about CSN or CSN&Y. It's old news, water under the bridge, why beat a dead horse and all that. Plus I didn't want him to hang up on me.

We did talk about writing songs, the New England Aquarium, smoking a joint, Joni Mitchell,  "old weird Bob" (Dylan....his words) and his new album, Sky Trails, that comes out September 29th.

And we talked about his show at a brand new Boston venue, "City Winery",  November 13.  The restaurant doesn't open until October 16th but you can get tickets for David Crosby's show (and I think it's gonna be a good one) now at citywinery.com

(Read more about the show HERE)

Take a listen to our conversation here: