Just back from vacation and it was a funny week, filled with free stuff, house projects, odd weather, old finds and a trip to Maine!

I was the only one in my family on vacation and that is annoying to the other family members, so I had to do some productive things. I’ve been working on repairing and painting the doors on the second floor of my 122 year old house. I’ve used ┬ámore wood filler and spackle than I care to remember. Painting doors takes a lot longer than it looks. They needed a few coats of paint and I’d keep finding nicks and dings that needed filling. Jeez. I’m just about finished.

Then, since I needed a break from my work around the house, I spent a significant amount of time sitting on my front porch doing crossword puzzles and looking at the Craigslist “free stuff” listing. I hate paying bust out retail! LOL

So, I added a new dining room set, an orbital buffer, a unicycle and an antique red wagon to my collection of stuff. I sold the buffer for $20 bucks.

I did head up to Maine for the weekend to visit with my parents. My Dad was going through old stuff and I came across some cool things I hadn’t seen in 30 years: the holster for my cap guns, my Roberts Jr High Student Council button, my brother’s GI Joe and baby pictures of my father and one of myself.

I wrapped up my vacation last night at the Feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian in East Cambridge by hosting their World Famous Cannoli Eating Contest, won by the fabulous Lucy. She ate 6 1/2 cannolis in four minutes. The always competitive Jim Henry of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning fame, had an impressive effort for the second straight year!