Dirty Laundry

By Quang Ho/Shutterstock

Looks like “The Bachelor” isn’t getting a rose for next season. Well, maybe!

I have to admit: I don’t find this to be bad news. This show is a petrie dish of communicable diseases ready to be unleashed into society. The fact that all of them make out at some point with the same person makes me want to gargle Listerine with a bleach chaser.

Anyway, here are the details – LBF

While nothing has been confirmed, it was revealed earlier this week that the ABC network was cutting hundreds of jobs and restructuring the company.

At the time, there was no reason to think the cuts would affect “The Bachelor,” however, the creator of the show hinted that the show may be on the chopping block.

In a series of bizarre tweets, Mike Fleiss suggested he had shocking news regarding the show.

Fans quickly jumped to conclusions, especially after he tweeted about whether a network had ever canceled a No. 1 show before.

Another notable incident points to the show being canceled. “Good Morning America” was slated to announce the new star of the “Bachelor” today, but there was absolutely no mention of the show.

Hmmm …

We’re going to remain optimistic that maybe, just maybe the show will go on, but we have to admit, it doesn’t sound promising.

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