Ok, so this sound a little weird, but my new hobby is restoring antique door hardware. It wasn’t a hobby until today!

SO…My daughter Abbey and her boyfriend, Ryan, are expecting a baby boy in October and they are going to live with Pam and me. We’ve been preparing the baby’s bedroom, doing painting, etc.

My house was built in 1895. It looks it! Lol. We do have nice, old five panel doors and I’ve been painting them! I noticed the old knobs and the hardware needed painting. Well, the knobs don’t, but everything else does, including the little screw.  I am actually cleaning some of the brown knobs, because someone had painted some of them in the past. Also, I was missing a knob that goes on the inside of a closet door.

So, I pulled everything off. I bought a can of rustoleum and started painting away. I had so much fun. I did find a replacement knob (I think they’re ceramic) at Olde Bostonian restoration in Dorchester, along with a few rings (???) that go betweeb the knob and the door itself. (If you ever need architectural or antique restorative items, Olde Bostonian is the place to go!)

I’ve done a few coats and I’m about ready to put them back on the door. I had more fun doing it! Maybe it’s the satisfaction of making something so old look new again! I like the fact these knobs were in use before cars and planes were invented! :):)

I will let you know when I’m done!

I can’t glue popsicle sticks together, so this is a big deal for me! Lol

Bob Vila, I am NOT!!!