The Trade Secret Margarita

Girl walks into a bar…snaps at the bartender to get his attention and…is completely ignored all night.

That’s no joke. Bartenders get a lot of attitude.

One time, A LONG time ago, I went on a blind date and the guy didn’t tip the bartender. GAME OVER, DUDE. That’s just a deal breaker.

The way someone treats a service worker usually indicates the way they will treat you. You heard it here, people. I was a waitress at El Torito in Norwood in the early 90s. I learned a lot about the human condition. Not all of it good.

Today, Loren, Hank, PJ and I talked about the perils of being bad to a bartender. We offered up three tips for the soon-t0-be tipsy, but here are some more.


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