Photo by Ian Tyas/Keystone/Getty Images

WATCH: “Kids React To Queen”

The children are the future, and most of the ones featured in this video clearly have a good head on their shoulders, because they seem to LOVE Queen.

The latest in FBE’s “Kids React To” series tackles some of Queen’s biggest hits, which most of the kids in the video were already familiar with.  The fact that most of them knew most of the lyrics to “Bohemian Rhapsody” will simply warm your heart.

Also, if you find yourself liking Sydney the most, you’re not alone.  She’s been featured in multiple “Kids React To” videos, and we clearly have a future rock star in the making.

More than anything, it’s reassuring that the next generation loves Queen, which means they’ll pass it down to their potential children, too.  Love live Queen!


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