ASCHAU, GERMANY - JUNE 11: Tourists and day-trippers pass by bavarian cows and enjoy the sunny weather on the mountain 'Kampenwand' on June 11, 2017 near Aschau im Chiemgau, Germany. Summer weather of blue skies and 29 degrees Celsius is drawing weekend visitors to lakes and mountains across Bavaria today. (Photo by Joerg Koch/Getty Images)

I’m BACK from vacation and doing loads of laundry, sorting though hundreds of photos (boy, I really like taking pictures of cocktails!) and feeling the sudden terror that comes with re-entry into the working world. But this story in the Boston Globe is a must-read. It’s true, too. I met good people on my travels and it’s important to know that humans can be kind. – LBF

After 41 years, Mass. man finally completes cross-country bicycle trip - The Boston Globe

To fully understand the wide smile on the face of the man in the bright yellow jersey as he rode into Kenmore Square the other day, you have to go back half a lifetime - 41 years to be precise - to a decision John Sweeney would come to regret for the rest of his life.