On a hot day in St. Petersburg, Florida, Jimmy Tolisano (left), Gerald Wolf, and Jimmy's sister, Valerie, drink from a garden hose in order to stay cool.

Growing up, my brother and I would be in the backyard destroying the grass in our quest to be the best whiffle ball players in the neighborhood. We called it “CoMorsesky” Park, in reference to the Chicago White Sox home park, Comiskey Park.\

Of course, we’d get hot playing in the sun, but didn’t want to take time out to run in the house to get a drink. We’d just grab the garden hose, turn it on and grab a lengthy drink until our thirst was quenched!

BAD IDEA! Don’t let your kids do the same thing. The hoses are filled with harmful chemicals that can leach into the water. The brass fittings can contain lead, which is dangerous, too!

Why You Should Never Drink from a Garden Hose

Warm weather means days spent outside gardening, running through the sprinkler, and a grabbing a nice cold drink of water from...your toxic garden hose? You could choke down a cocktail of heavy metals and plasticizers, according to testing from from HealthyStuff.org, a project of the Michigan-based Ecology Center.

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