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I know I should be reading all year, but summer is the only time I can seem to crack open a book and finish it. It’s July 17th and I’m slightly behind, but I’ve finished THREE books.

First up:

“Leave Me” by Gayle Forman

I read this in a few days. I liked the concept: Overworked mother of twins has heart attack, goes home to recuperate and realizes she wants to run away from her life. So SHE DOES.

It’s a pretty interesting read, considering every mom (I think) at some point has been so overwhelmed by her life she’s fantasized about cruising past the exit taking her home and hitting the open road instead.

What? You haven’t?

Anyway. The ending was slightly weak, but I only checked my phone a dozen times while reading.

That’s a solid rating system, by the way. The fewer the phone checks, the better the book. I give this a dozen phone checks, which equals a C+ or three out of five stars.

“Down City” by Leah Carroll

This 223-page memoir about Leah Carroll’s murdered mother and alcoholic father is a fast, yet deeply satisfying page-turner. Carroll digs deep into her mother’s history, as well as her father’s. Rhode Island is also a rich character, and Carroll’s story of her family also delves into the mafia’s stronghold on certain places, people and institutions. It’s the first book I read this summer and so far the best. I checked my phone maybe once. A+ or five stars.

“Final Girls” by Riley Sager

OK, the only reason I picked up this book is because Stephen King said: “The first great thriller of 2017 is here.”

Here’s the premise: Quincy Carpenter is a baking blogger living in New York City. But 10 years ago, she was the lone survivor of a bloody massacre of co-eds on a weekend away.

Light summer reading, right?

She’s one of three “Final Girls” (horror-movie speak for the girl who lives) and has spent the rest of her life trying to avoid dealing with that violent night. But then, of course, circumstances make her face the past and – POOF – the next thing I know is I’m locked in my room vowing never to rent a cabin in the woods.

At one point I actually said out loud: WHY AM I READING THIS?

Well, because it was scary, creepy, fast paced and a solid, entertaining thriller. Stephen King was not wrong.

I checked my phone about three times. B+ or four out of five stars.

I’ll keep you posted on my next choices. And feel free to recommend some!