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My dad used to own a record store. When I recently went out to Minneapolis to take care of his things I quickly realized he had the contents of said store in his apartment and his two garages (most of which went to Kansas with my uncle Dan).

Aside from that, he was also a collector of audio/video. I didn’t take any of his music collection as I have enough of my own.

I did, however, spot and put aside the trilogy of The Beatles First U.S. Visit, A Hard Day’s Night and Help (on VHS) because I don’t  have A Hard Day’s Night. It’s still out in Minneapolis because I’m waiting for my sister to ship that with some other things to me. I can’t wait to watch it again…it’s been awhile.

My favorite song from the soundtrack?

When I Get Home….LOVE that song!!!!

Pick yours below! Cheers! Julie Devereaux


One of the greatest albums/soundtracks of all time was released 53 years ago today (July 10.)

The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night is quite a feat when you think about it. Not only did The Beatles manage to make and star in a film at the apex of Beatlemania, but they also managed to create the soundtrack which contained new music.

Featuring three hit singles, the soundtrack for A Hard Day’s Night was one of the quintessential pieces that captured the magnificence of Beatlemania…

…But what’s its best song? Vote in the poll below!

Best Track off ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ Soundtrack


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