Lucy loves to swing. It’s a nice outdoor break for her and she’s always singing or laughing when she’s flying through the air.

She had a GREAT swing set that was donated by our good family friends, The Frucis. But it was getting old and rickety and we had to get rid of it.

We were sad.

Then we found a friend who built us a simple, three-swing set for Lucy’s birthday.

Lucy loves it!

Here’s what makes me happy about seeing Lucy on the swing:

I thought she’d never be able to do it.

For so MANY years, she struggled with the simple movement. We’d tell her, over and over again: “Legs in, out. In, out.”

For years.

Her 1:1 aide in elementary school, Deb Connolly, spent so many recesses doing the same: “Legs in, out, Lucy! In, out!”

And then one day, Lucy did it. And every time I see her on that swing set, I feel proud and inspired and awed.

So there you have it. Happy summer!

Here’s her reaction to her new swing set!