LINCOLN, NH - MAY 26: Pemi rides a scooter. The bear act opened for the season at Clark's Trading Post. (Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

If you’ve ever been to Clark’s Trading Post in the White Mountains in Lincoln, NH, you know that bears can do all kinds of tricks, swing on swings and eat vanilla ice cream cones. Did you know bears have a musical side to their personalities?

Click on the story below to watch one particular bear in Vail, CO, play the piano, after breaking into a woman’s home looking for something to eat.

Piano-playing bear makes musical debut in Vail home (video) |

VAIL - A bear climbed through an open kitchen window in Vail last week, and while foraging for food also feasted on the arts. The Vail woman returned home to find her home had been broken into. She suspected a burglary and called the Vail Police Department.

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