Remember you first VCR? I think the one my parents bought in 1981 cost about $800! That’s the equivalent of over $2,100 today. We got a lot of year of use out of it. Like many things, it’s obsolete. Eventually you could buy one for $40. We still have one so we can play old vhs tapes (kids shows, wedding video). I guess it’s time to have it digitized!

Check out this list of things from the 1980’s that have gone “Bye, Bye”!

10 Popular Things From The '80s That We've Since Abandoned

Nostalgia is a weird thing. People who live through a particular decade sometimes either embrace its trends or find themselves eager to see their demise, only to find themselves with an odd longing for them a couple of decades later. The news that Columbia House Record Club is going out...

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