"Gio The Giraffe" Now A Wonderful Tribute For Late Medford Boy at Lego Discovery Center! - Hank









On a day where the weather forecasters called for afternoon clouds and showers, Mother Nature took things into Her own hands and shone bright sunshine down upon the Lego Discovery Center Boston at Assembly Row in Somerville.

Yesterday, officials from Lego re-named their 20-foot-high Lego brick giraffe, "Gio", in honor of six-year-old Gio Maggiore, a Medford boy, who who died from congenital heart disease in April. Gio LOVED giraffes. The dedication outside the Lego Discovery Center will be a continual reminder of the little boy who a giraffe pacifier as a baby, a giraffe costume and giraffe stuffed animals!

Gio The Giraffe Makes His Name At Assembly Row (VIDEO)

SOMERVILLE, MA - Giovanni Maggiore finally has his giraffe. The 6-year-old Medford boy who died earlier this year was honored Wednesday outside of Legoland Discovery Center Boston when "Tessie," the 20-foot Lego giraffe, was officially renamed "Gio." Gio passed away in April after a years-long battle with congenital heart problems. But he never let his health stop him, his family and friends said.