PLAYLIST: John Fogerty Collaborations (In Studio and Live)

Happy Birthday John Fogerty!

Big fan of John Fogerty. Here's a couple funny Fogerty memories.

The first: I'm 13 years old. I see a poster on a telephone pole in Wells Maine: Creedence Clearwater Revival playing such and such auditorium on such and such summer day. I beg my mother to let me go. She reluctantly agrees.

She drives my friend Bonnie and me to the auditorium early. We wait. And wait. And wait.

We meet a couple guys. I end up making out with one of them (a very cute 17 year old from Melrose...he was my second kiss...and it was a good one!).

Eventually, it starts to get dark. No band. No other concert attendees. I re-read the poster. I had the date wrong. We missed the show by a day.

Mom shows up to pick us up "after the show", realizes there was no show, angrily accuses me of lying so I could meet boys.

She couldn't have been more wrong. I sooo would have rather seen CCR than make out with that boy.


Next story:

I get sent down to NY to cover the 1998 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

I interview John Fogerty which was bizarre in and of itself.

After the interview I'm standing in a kind of reception room next to John Fogerty and Carlos Santana as they compliment each others playing.

I stand there in total disbelief, grateful no one in the room can hear my internal dialog. How in the hell did this happen.


Life. It's been quite a wild ride, every action and reaction leading up to this present moment.

I sit here in total disbelief of where I am and what I get to do, grateful no one can hear my internal dialog.


Julie Devereaux



The legendary John Fogerty celebrates his birthday today (May 28), and one of the best things about his career the past handful of years have been all of his collaborations, whether they be in the studio or live on stage.

From the world of country to rocking out with pal Bruce Springsteen, Fogerty’s appearances are always a treat. In honor of his birthday, we created a playlist of some of our favorites.

Fogerty Collaborations - YouTube

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John Fogerty Collaborations Playlist – Tracklist

“Who’ll Stop The Rain” (with Bob Seger)
“Sharp Dressed Man” (with ZZ Top)
“Love and War” (with Brad Paisley)
“Fortunate Son” (with Foo Fighters)
“Green River” (with Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)


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