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Latest Zeppelin Rumor: Reunion Taking Place at Desert Trip

What the WHAT?! Best rumor ever! Fingers crossed, knock on wood, shake salt behind your back! Whatever it takes! Make this happen!

Julie Devereaux


What's a day/month/week/year without another hot Led Zeppelin reunion rumor?

The mill is in overdrive this week; After Robert Plant's cryptic web page message "Any time now..." landed a few weeks back, some new "reportage" claims Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and, presumably, Jason Bonham will be appearing at this year's Desert Trip festival in Indio, Calif.

This is the same gig Plant reportedly turned down a $14 million offer for last year, but the web site Feel Numb says he's on board this year as a way to launch Zep's 50th anniversary celebration next year.

LedZepNews, meanwhile, reports that the group has already rehearsed, at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios in England and maybe at Electric Lady Studios in New York. No official word, of course, from the band or any of the individual members, but if it happens, it will be the first Zep show since the 2007 Ahmet Ertegun Memorial Concert in London.

Bonham, who will be on the road as part of Sammy Hagar's The Circle this year, tells us that he always hopes but never puts too much stock in anything Zep-related:

"I will say this...In 2004 I just said to myself, 'Y'know, don't ever think it's gonna happen. Don't in the back of your mind ever think something's gonna happen. Let it go. 'Cause it's something that would always, having a little flutter in your stomach of hope, and because at that time I'd been sober about three years and going to, like meetings and counseling, they said, 'Listen, you got to let that go, right?' And then when I let it go, guess what happens? You get a phone call in 2007. So all I'll say is this; I'm gonna let it go. As far as I know nothing's gonna happen, but if I let it go, you never know."


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