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DIRTY LAUNDRY: Joanie's Brother Does NOT Love Chachi!

Why is this man giving us the thumbs up? He should be running scared!

Anyway, the laundry needs extra fabric softener today because it's pretty ROUGH. We got an arrest, angry people and Joan Rivers ABUSING vodka!

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Here's your #DirtyLaundry Report! Plus, Tom Cotter is in studio! He's at Laugh Boston this weekend! Former The Bachelor star Chris Soules was caught fleeing the scene of a fatal crash. Michelle Obama is praising Beyoncé. Caitlin Jenner may make a run for office. Erin Moran's brother wants to beat up Scott Baio.

Former Bachelor star flees fatal car crash. Don't Drink and Drive. 

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Bachelor star #ChrisSoules jailed after deadly Iowa crash

Beyonce started a scholarship program. Berklee College gets one!

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Beyonce Announces 'Formation' Scholarship Program For Young Women! See How YOU Can Apply! (via @lovebscott)

Caitlyn Jenner wants to run for office. Apparently, she ticked off Kelly Ripa yesterday by dominating the conversation and pretty much ignoring the hosts.

Caitlyn Jenner speaks to Don Lemon (Full Interview)

Caitlyn Jenner talks to CNN's Don Lemon about her book, transitioning, Donald Trump and a potential run for office in the future.

Scott Baio is backtracking on his Erin Moran comments... And Tony Moran - who, by the way, played Michael Meyers in the original Halloween - is NOT OK with it!

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Score 1 for Tony Moran! Lol. Couldn't have laughed louder!

Kelly Osbourne has a new book and shares Joan Rivers was a germophobe who used Smirnoff to make sure the toilet seat was squeaky clean! (That's a waste of vodka, IMHO.)

Joan Rivers Set Toilet Seats on Fire and More Tales From Kelly Osbourne's Memoir

In her new memoir, There Is No F*cking Secret, Letters From a Badass Bitch , Kelly Osbourne addresses a series of issues ranging from her drug addiction to women who leave pee on the toilet seat (a chapter aptly titled "Dear Seat Sprinklers").