The Boston Marathon: Special People And Special Stories!

Boston is a different city. We pride ourselves on surviving four different seasons of weather, many people live in the same neighborhoods they grew up in and we name our children after sports heroes! Our loyalty runs deep for things and causes we believe in. Yesterday afternoon at 5:30, some 7 1/2 hours after the start of the race, spectators were still lined 10 deep on Commonwealth Ave, as the runners passed the 25 mile mark, with the finish line just 1.2 miles away. It was AWESOME!

To watch the "regular" runners and the way the human condition has the ability to withstand such punishment to the mind and body, is awe inspiring. To watch the crowd reach into their hearts and open them with constant support and encouragement is a reminder that people DO care about one another! Boston and it's people are special!

Patriots Day, with the Boston Marathon, the Red Sox game and last night, a Bruins game, brings out the best in our city and our residents!


The women's winner was 37-year-old Edna Kiplagat of Kenya. She's a policewoman in her native country and a mother of five. She and her husband have five children. They adopted her sister's two children, after she died of breast cancer. They then adopted another child, when a neighbor died during childbirth. These are special people! The relationship between the runners from Kenya, who've long dominated the Boston Marathon, and the city of Boston is one of warmth, friendship and respect. It's always wonderful sight to see the camaraderie they share!


Here's Dave McGillivray, the director of the Boston Marathon, finishing his 45th running of the marathon. He starts when everyone finishes. This year, he ran to raise money for the Martin Richard Foundation.

Way to go Dave!

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And look at this panel of superstars. Bobbi Gibb (far left), the first unregistered woman to run the marathon, Dave McKenzie (winner of the 1967 Boston Marathon), Katherine Switzer, the first woman to complete the marathon (despite an official trying to run her off the course and take her bib number) who ran yesterday, and Bennett Beach, who ran his 50th consecutive marathon yesterday. Amazing!

Four honored guests at the @bostonmarathon press conference. #bobbigibb #davemckenzie #kathrineswitzer #benbeach #boston2017 #beboston

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When Meb Keflezighi  won the Boston Marathon in 2014, just a year removed from the 2013 bombings, he ran with the names of the victims, Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi and Officer Sean Collier, written on his bib. Yesterday, after finishing what would be his last competitive Boston Marathon run, he immediately went over to see the family of Martin Richard, who was only 8-years-old when he was killed in the bombing,

Meb Keflezighi gives emotional greeting to Martin Richard's family at Boston Marathon - The Boston Globe

Meb Keflezighi, the California resident who won the Boston Marathon the year after the bombings, took time near the finish line today to greet the family of Martin Richard. The American Olympic runner was seen kissing the hands of Denise and Bill Richard, the parents of the 8-year-old boy who was killed in the 2013 bombings.

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