The Last Dinner on the Titanic - LBF

When it comes to the Titanic, most people want to know who lived, who died and what caused the "unsinkable" ship, to, well, sink.


I want to know what they ate.

Specifically for dinner. What was a first-class meal like on a trip that would cost $107,000 per ticket today?

Luckily, the culinary geniuses at the Omni Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire decided it would be a good idea to find out.

Which is why they hosted The Last Dinner on the Titanic last weekend, where about 20 history buffs  with big appetites indulged in an 11-course, Escoffier (he was a French chef)-inspired meal that was served in the first class dining salon.

Fun fact: the dinner was served under a beautiful chandelier; its twin sits on the bottom of the Atlantic with the rest of the Titanic.

In between courses, the resort's food and beverage director Gene Meoni told stories about the history and the people on the ship.

It was an amazing night! Check out all the photos and videos from our stay. And listen here:

While the Titanic dinner is over, the resort is hosting Princess Dinner Series the first Friday of every month through January.