Liner Notes (April 3)

Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, The Who and Van Morrison make up the April 3 edition of “Liner Notes.”  Rock on!


Buckingham/McVie Announce First Show Date

Most of us are aware that Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie are planning on releasing an album together under the name of Buckingham/McVie, but finding out they’ll be performing together was a pleasant surprise.

A lone Buckingham/McVie concert date appeared on recently that’s slated for July 19 in Woodinville, Wash.  Fingers crossed that more dates will be announced soon!


The Who’s 2004 Isle Of Wight Festival Performance Set For Release

The Who headlined the Isle of Wight Festival back in 2004, which marked the first time the band performed there since 1970.  Now the set, The Who – Live at the isle of Wight 2004, will be released via CD, DVD and Blu-ray on June 2.  Check out the preview performance of “Naked Eye” below!

The Who - Naked Eye

The Who - Live at the Isle of Wight 2004 is released on DVD, Blu Ray and Digital June 2 2017. In 2004 The Who returned to the Isle Of Wight Festival for the first time since their legendary performance in 1970. After a long absence, the festival had been reborn in 2002 and continues to this day.



Van Morrison – The Authorized Bang Collection Due Out April 28

Finally, the Van Morrison reissue campaign continues with the release of The Authorized Bang Collection on April 28.  This 3CD set features tracks from Morrison’s time with Bang Records, including the “Contractual Obligation Session” which is being officially released for the very first time after being bootlegged for years.  Complete tracklisting for the set can be view below.


Disc One – The Original Masters:

  1. Brown Eyed Girl [original stereo mix]
  2. He Ain't Give You None [original stereo mix]
  3. T.B. Sheets [original stereo mix]
  4. Spanish Rose [original stereo mix]
  5. Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) [original stereo mix]
  6. Ro Ro Rosey [original stereo mix]
  7. WhoDrove The Red Sports Car [original stereo mix]
  8. Midnight Special [original stereo mix]
  9. It's All Right [original stereo mix]
  10. Send Your Mind [original stereo mix]
  11. TheSmile You Smile [original stereo mix]
  12. TheBack Room [original stereo mix] (5:26)
  13. Joe Harper Saturday Morning [original stereo mix] (2:55)
  14. Beside You [original mono mix]
  15. Madame George [original mono mix]
  16. Chick-A-Boom [original mono mix]
  17. TheSmile You Smile [demo]


Disc Two – Bang Sessions & Rarities:

  1. Brown Eyed Girl [original edited mono single mix]
  2. Ro Ro Rosey [original mono single mix with backing vocals]
  3. T.B. Sheets [Take 2] *
  4. Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) [Takes 10 & 11] *
  5. Send Your Mind [Take 3] *
  6. Midnight Special [Take 7]
  7. He Ain't Give You None (Take 4)
  8. Ro Ro Rosey [Take 2] *
  9. WhoDrove The Red Sports Car (Take 6)
  10. Beside You [Take 2] *
  11. Joe Harper Saturday Morning [Take 2] *
  12. Beside You [Take 5] *
  13. Spanish Rose [Take 14] (4:23) *
  14. Brown Eyed Girl [Takes 1-6] *
  15. Brown Eyed Girl [Takes 7-11] *

*Previously Unissued

Discs One & Two: All songs Produced & Directed by Bert Berns


Disc Three – Contractual Obligation Session:

  1. Twist And Shake
  2. Shake And Roll
  3. Stomp And Scream
  4. Scream And Holler
  5. Jump And Thump
  6. Drivin' Wheel
  7. Just Ball
  8. Shake It Mable
  9. Hold On George
  10. TheBig Royalty Check
  11. Ring Worm
  12. Savoy Hollywood
  13. Freaky If You Got This Far
  14. Up Your Mind
  15. Thirty Two
  16. AllTheBits
  17. You Say France And I Whistle
  18. Blowin’ Your Nose
  19. Nose In Your Blow
  20. La Mambo
  21. Go For Yourself
  22. Want A Danish
  23. Here Comes Dumb George
  24. Chickee Coo
  25. Do It
  26. Hang On Groovy
  27. Goodbye George
  28. Dum Dum George
  29. Walk And Talk
  30. TheWobble
  31. Wobble And Ball


Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock reporter. The first man she ever loved was Jack Daniel.  (True story.)