Miss Amazing and Lucy! - LBF

I finally was able to download a short video from the BEST NIGHT EVER.

For the past few years, students at Medfield High School have been hosting Miss Amazing, a "pageant" that celebrates the abilities of girls and women with disabilities.  Dozens from all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island take part in day-long activities that include interviews, makeup and hair sessions, lunch and dinner. Each girl is paired with a "buddy" who helps them navigate the day. The girls are escorted to dinner then the stage for an evening wear show by right-hand men, local high school boys who dress in suits and ties and pose for photos.

It is, in the simplest of terms, amazing.

Then there's the talent show. It takes a lot of guts for someone to get on stage and perform. But when it's difficult to speak or move, or if bright lights or loud noises are bothersome, performing can be a herculean task. Even Lucy, who hasn't met a mic she didn't sing into, lost it a little when she first got on stage during the introductions. It was touch and go for a whole. We sat backstage for a good part of the night and had a snack and calmed down. (Yes, we. Being a pageant mom is EXHAUSTING AND TENSE. Also, I let her get highlights. I'm telling you, it was Little Miss Sunshine city.)

But she rallied. And she got back on stage and crooned "The Glory of Love" Bette Midler style.

It was a great ending to a fantastic day.
Special thanks to Chloe Rogan and Lucy Nealon for their amazing efforts in organizing a great evening. And to all the AMAZING girls and women who inspire me every day.


For more information on Miss Amazing, visit their website.