I Spy? Not My TV - Julie Devereaux

Good grief. Every day, it's something else. Now we're all realizing our electronics have been spying on us. I kinda suspected that anyway.

Privacy is a thing of the past. I always have to shake my head when I hear on the news that once again, someone has done something mean or stupid or out of desperation, because you really can't get away with anything anymore. There are cameras everywhere.

Once when I was in my late teens, I rearranged some letters on a public sign to spell something inappropriate. Friends who knew me figured I was the one who did it. Now there would be no doubt because there would be a camera mounted somewhere that caught it all on digital film. Luckily I've mended my ways (though I still have devious thoughts!) ;-).

But I'm sure it won't be long before someone figures out a way to meddle in the mind too. Until that time, I'll enjoy the privacy of my personal reflections and continue watching my 'not so smart', cable-less television knowing it can never tattle on me.

What. The picture's fine. And who has that kind of time anyway to be watching television all the time? And yea, I don't have internet either except what's already on my nosy cell phone.

Helloooo....see me? feel me? Nope!

What your smart electronics are singing....  🙂

The Doors The Spy

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