Patriots Make The Late Night TV Rounds

Julian Edelman & Bill Belichick sat down with Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Interviews Julian Edelman and Bill Belichick After Patriots' Comeback Super Bowl Win

New England Patriots' wide receiver Julian Edelman and coach Bill Belichick discuss the spectacular catch that led to their historic Super Bowl LI overtime win.

Danny Amendola showed up with Jimmy Kimmel.

Patriots Super Bowl Champ Danny Amendola Partied with Snoop Dogg After Win

Danny talks about winning the Super Bowl and reveals that he partied with Snoop Dogg after the big game.

Patriots Super Bowl Champ Danny Amendola Doesn't Have Time for Nerves

Danny recalls how he felt when his team was down at halftime during the Super Bowl and talks about the Patriots' upcoming celebratory parade.

Tom Brady too? Oh wait, it was just Matt Damon!

Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady Makes Surprise Appearance on Kimmel

Jimmy was very excited to welcome Tom Brady to our show right after the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

Rich Eisen Interviews Matt Damon After Kimmel Appearance

Rich Eisen interviews genuine criminal Matt Damon after he trespassed onto our show dressed as Tom Brady.